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At Bediot Attributes, We Build, Scale, and Manage online Businesses that require custom platforms. Not only they trust our Services, they stay happy and loyal too :)

🇮🇳 Proudly Serving the world from India.

We are official DigitalOcean Partner

We Prefer to go with DigitalOcean for our development and Production servers, they offer range of services from droplets to load-balancing and Managed Databases etc.

Services we Offer

No matter if you are Noob to the Era of Online Business or Queen of the Sea, we got you Covered ;)

  • Web Apps

    Wether it is a Small business or Intermediate, you need a Website to tell the world that you exist and ready to Serve your Customers at any Radius.

    We'll do Design that you want, or take from our suggestion, not only we make the Design Beautiful, it's very important to make the Code Breathful as well, We love Code as much as you like outer Beauty or Product.

  • Mobile Apps

    Already Selling on a website? or Perhaps you got Cool idea of building a new game/app? We can be your shining hope, you do the Imagination and we make it reality and put it on major Platforms like App Store and Play Store for you.

    Did you know? More than 80% people prefer Shopping on Mobile app rather Desktop.

  • Server Management and Scalling

    Managing Servers has always been a hard time and Serving Requests from Millions of People is Nightmare for IT Admins.

    Lucky for you, you don't have to even think about it, We do all the Magic while you enjoy your Milkshake.

    Even if your Platform goes viral, We got super talented people to make your Platform Smooth for the entire Internet. No crashing ever, Period.

  • Enterprise Level Custom Platforms

    Looking for a custom Solution to be used for your entire team or a SAAS Platform? We would be more than happy to help.

    Already made up Big Thinking? We are all Yours! Let's get Started.

Ready to Embarrass Competitors?

What we use?

A bunch of great Services to craft each Project.

Some of our Favorite Open-Source Tools/Frameworks

  • Electron
  • kubernetes

We Process Payments via Stripe and Support INR for Indian Customers and USD for International.

Every Payment we process, never touch our Servers, all your card details are directly processed via Stripe.

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